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Free Instagram Quotes

These upbeat quote images are free for you to use on Instagram and other social media. We created these ourselves from graphics we own combined with famous quotes we researched.

Just press the download button and it will go to your gallery, and you can share it to Instagram from there. If for any reason it won't download, just long-press on the download button, and then select "download link" from the options given. That will make sure it downloads. You may need to reload this page if you're seeking to download a second or subsequent image.

These images also work well for posting on other social media whenever you can't think of what to post.

Features of these Instagram quotes

Why inspirational quotes go over well

Regardless of the topic of your Instagram or other social media, inspirational quotes will go over well with your followers. People enjoy seeing uplifting or motivational quotes, and they can be an easy way for you to get likes.

How to share to Instagram after download

Look in your device's gallery app. The image you downloaded will be in there, but most likely not in the same section of it as your regular photos, instead look under "Downloads" or "Recent".

Tap on the photo to open it, then go to the "Share" symbol, and you will be able to share it on Instagram or other social media such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

Make your life easier on Instagram

It can be quite hard to get followers on Instagram, and to keep coming up with new content. That's where our quote pictures come in handy - they are great for the times when you just don't happen to have any of your own graphics that you want to post.

Don't let Instagram or other social media take up too much of your time. We're sure you have other things going on with your life that need your time and attention more. These inspirational quotes allow you to post something great and move on.



Freemagine offers a selection of free Instagram quotes to use when you want to post something but don't have any pics of your own that you want to share. Enjoy!

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